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'No Filters necessary' promotes real smiles from good oral health. The campaign is a response to popular filters on mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat which superimpose features like whiter teeth onto use s photos. The tone and imagery employed was to appeal to the affluent demographic of the brand.

Facebook adverts promoting  good oral health which does not require filters, was targeted in affluent, metropolitan areas. 

Marketing templates

I designed a number of  robust branded templates which would allow dental practices to enter details such a events, treatments or general information. The templates were uploaded onto a cloud based printing service and posted directly to dental practices once approved by marketing. 



The website was reskinned to better reflect the brand proposition and the UX was also looked at to address user frustration and generally, a more  streamlined page structure for more fluid content management.

Ongoing support

Platinum dentistry is a collective of specialist dental practices which delivers exceptional patient care to patients with high expectations. The practices themselves with its plush interiors and personalised touches which resemble a vogue living room more than a clinical setting. We helped redefine the brand to be more targeted and create an improved patient experience. Ongoing graphic design work was also backed up national strategic campaign to create and drive interest.

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  • Year2017

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