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The old website also faced a number of issues, bugs and inconsistencies. It was more cost effective to start from scratch than face ongoing development costs. The company website has gone through a complete overhaul with all new content backed up by a robust SEO strategy to help the company rank on Google in the top 3 positions for their main product range .

The new website included SEO rich elements, a new navigation system, detailed product pages and high converting landing pages which boosted the website performance and generated more leads . There was also a noticeable decrease in phone calls for general product and company information which was made attainable on the website which freed up sales staff to focus on more important duties.    

Customers benefitted directly from features such as the live chat widget, online booking system, finance calculator, and mobile-friendly content.


All new content was necessary to maximise the potential and give a good return on investment in printing of the 2,000 perfect bound brochure. The company brochure presents product specification, company credentials and advantages of choosing Polar Bear Windows over competitors was proven highly effective for sales team when on home appointment quoting with customer.

Posted flyer


New movers capaign
Using free online tool where recently sold homes were listinged and checking property photos to see if homeowner would beneift form new windows and doors and posting a flyer a few weeks after they would of moved in. ROI was £16 return on every £1 investment

Working on your street camapign
To initiate the marketing campaign, we utilized the address of an existing customer's installation as a strategic starting point. Our objective was to reach out to all the neighboring houses on that street by distributing targeted flyers. Collaborating with a data and distribution company, we gained access to homeowner details and printing services, enabling us to efficiently execute our plan. To personalize these flyers and make them more engaging, we leveraged Google Street View to capture a photo of the actual street and incorporated it as the cover image. This innovative approach yielded impressive results. With an investment of £600, we generated over £10,000 worth of business. The success of this project not only showcased the effectiveness of our targeted marketing strategy but also highlighted the significant return on investment it delivered.

Customer quote

In order to enhance conversion rates, a informative PDF was carefully crafted. This special sales document was sent to customers alongside their quotes, providing them with valuable information to facilitate their decision-making process. The PDF encompassed essential details such as a comprehensive breakdown of the quote, frequently asked questions (FAQs), a clear overview of the ordering process, and a preview of what to expect during the installation. The implementation of this quoting PDF yielded great results, as it significantly increased the number of leads that successfully converted into sales within a short time frame. Furthermore, this strategic approach gave Polar Bear Windows a distinct advantage over their competitors, showcasing their commitment to providing comprehensive support and exceptional customer service throughout the entire process.


Branded company vehicles were update with new branding  to increase brand awareness while the team is on the move. 

TV advert

TV advert with CGI polar bear and live action actors illustrating the transformation of new windows can make into a home. A few scenes were edited to allow the company to use the advert throughout the year to help the adverts longevity.

Social media

Creating a highly engaged facebook community by using current events as basis of content. A few posts archive +1,000% engagement which improved brand reputation, increased traffic to the website and ultimately more sales.

Christmas campaign case study
A Christmas campaign announced that Polar Bear Windows would buy 1 item of food and donate it to a local foodbank for every 'like, 'comment' or 'share' that the social media post received . We also rewarded people reacting to the post with a prize – a Kevin the carrot soft toy from Aldi supermarkets, which at the time had a bit of a craze surrounding it. The company would normally pay £500 for Facebook to circulate a feel-good post coming up to christmas to help brand awareness. Instead of giving money to Facebook the post relied on people interacting with the content to help circulate the campaign.  

The post had amazing results, as well as staying in budget, it had reached over 250,000 people with over 650 people directly participating in the post which equals to over 1,000% engagement compared to previous posts. On the back of the campaign, Polar Bear Windows received huge amounts of praise for their help in feeding the local community during the festive season.

Ongoing support

Polar Bear Windows is a distinguished installations company of windows, doors and conservatories in Bristol. 

Providing ongoing support to grow the brand, increase lead number and improve customer experience.   

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  • Year2020-2023

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